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Chateau de Frontenay 1.5 km away.
Nice to visit and a beautiful walk through both forest and vineyards. The first mentions of a castle date from the 11th century. The Lords of the Castle were connected to the Counts of Burgundy. In the 14th century a donjon was built to be fortified in 1446 as a fortress against protection of the salt routes. (tolls). For more than 500 years it is now in the hands of the same family with Louis II de Chalon-Arlay (1390-1463) as lord of Arlay et Arguel and Prince of Orange (Huis Chalon-Arlay). Every 2 years they organize in and around the Castle a Jazz Festival that is more than worthwhile to visit.

Chateau Chalon at 7 km.
Beautiful wine village on the high rocks with a beautiful view of her vineyards. Where the local white grape variety Savagnin grows. An old gallic village that was developed under Roman times. There are still many remains to be found. An old Benedictine nunnery dating from the 7th century that exercised much power until the French Revolution. The remains of the village date back to the 4th and 5th centuries. The location on the edge of a high rock looks out over the valley and the Seille. Ideal for wine growth and defense of the region.

Saint Germain les Arlay and Chateau d’Arlay about 15 km.
Medieval village with a rich historical architecture. An old chateau that is always inhabited by the same family with an interruption of the revolution. The old Chateau that can now be seen from far away as a ruin on the hill dates back to the 13th century. The current chateau dates back to the 18th century. Chateau Arlay is known as the oldest wine chateau in France which is still in (family) business. There are even, as with Chateau Frontenay, commitments with the Dutch Royal Family. Which means that the Dutch king can also wear the title Comte de Arlay. The old original chateau is a ruin, but a beautiful chateau has been built that is well worth a visit. Then take a short walk through the gardens and visit the old ruines.

Arbois at about 15 km.

This historic town lies in the middle of Franche-Comté in the golden triangle halfway between Besançon, Dole and Lons-le-Saunier. Also nice cities to visit. It is the city where Louis Pasteur lived for a long time. His house can now be visited as a museum. Arbois is also known for its typical Jura wines. Where in Arbois a museum is dedicated and the region that received the first AOC label in France. Also in the gastronomy you can pick up your heart here at Maison Jeunet with no less than 2 Michelin stars where the tableware at the table of the very famous ceramist Pierre Casenove who actually lives in Passenans!

Arc et Senans

Lac de Chalain & Cascades d’Hérisson ca 25 ~ 35 km
Lovely lake with milk blue water through the white porcelain clay as soil. Here a part is protected as cultural heritage. After finding a Neolithic village (4500 AC). You can visit a day on both sides. On the side of the Pergola is a large campsite with all kinds of extras and a swimming paradise. But we advise you to go to the Doucier side. There you park your car for a few euros and you are right on the beach. There are toilets and a small nice bar where you can eat, get an ice cream or a fries. There is a moored bathing position which is supervised by a lifeguard. You can also rent a pedal boat here. There is both a sandy beach and a solar meadow. A nice day combination is to go to the waterfalls in the morning, Cascades d’Hérisson. You climb up through several waterfalls through the woods with beautiful views. You can walk or walk back through the woods. Then to spend the afternoon in the water in Chalain.
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At Maison Les Filles Tresy there are several booklets with walking routes and sights. Every year we fill it with leaflets and fun trips to find at the local tourist offices. And of course we would like to tell you where you can go for a day out.