Passenans, our village

Passenans our village …..

Passenans is a small old wine village in Franche Comté region. In the department of Jura with about 350 inhabitants. There is a church, a butcher, hotel and a village restaurant. Our house is located in one of the oldest parts, Quartier de l’Eglise, since 1740 and was always in family ownership. The residents of our house show a rich history, which we learn more and more to discover. There was one of the gentlemen, Mottet, who fought in the American War on the French side where we still find things from home, a runaway niece around the turn of 1900 who ended up in Paris as a nude model. The old aunts who each had their own company, a grocery store, a hat maker and of course all helped in the vineyards. The house came to us through my great-grandmother Alice Mottet who married the winemaker Desirée Tresy, who came to our parents in the seventies through that line.
The village still has a rich wine culture with several winemakers. The village lies between the valley and the first plateau against a slope. It has its own micro climate. The village lies along several hiking routes and is wonderful to walk in all seasons. The region has a rich history through salt extraction and centuries-old wine variety