How it all started…..

We are not just starting a B&B in the french countryside to get away. Nor is our house specially decorated with just stuff found at the local brocantes. No, our house is our history of generations living here. It is our personal story and that of our ancestors. The house is from around 1740 and has always been our family home. It is the childhood home where our great-grandmother Alice Mother and her sisters grew up. She was the only one to get married. To my great grandfather Desirée Tresy. Inherited by the brother of my grandfather who sold it to his niece, my mother. Francoise Tresy. Thats how it got into our family. As a tribute to our french background we came up with the name Maison Les Filles Tresy”.

The house is an old “maison vigneronne” with a wineceller and 2 parts of Grange for wood and cows. The house has been renovated room by room, piece by piece. Restored the old furniture, up-cycled old things found all around the attic and wardrobes to restore in its old glory. The House and the Cottage are decorated in a bohemian and brocante style with art pieces. It is a true mix of our travels, the countries we lived in and our background. Every room has it own story to tell. Over the years while renovating we had more and more visitors and more and more demand when we would start to open up our home to guests. Now it is time! We would love to share this with you over a glass of cremant or at our Table d’Hôtes. Your visit will touch our soul and enrich us. We hope to welcome you to see how the world mixes in our home.