Family Tree Tresy

 Familytree Tresy

What exactly is the situation with the families and the houses. Passenans is a small village with a number of old families. Which are reasonably intertwined with each other. In our case we talk about 3 families that form the basis for starting Maison Les Filles Tresy and everything you find there.

With thanks to Denis Tresy who has fully mapped the pedigree of the Tresy and to Corinne Jouanny-Tresy who has placed this family tree in the “house above” on the walls. The left half is the family Tresy and the right half is the family of her husband. We stay on the left and the Elias people can be found at the far left in the upper corner.

It starts with the brothers Desiree and Elie Tresy. Desiree Tresy is our great-grandfather who married Alice Mottet. Their children Marcel, Abel and Pierre inherited the houses from that side. Marcel our great-uncle and brother of our grandfather Pierre Tresy sold the house Mottet (the house below) and their parental house (house from above) to our parents; Francoise Tresy and her husband. We sold the “house from above” a few years ago where Desiree Tresy and Alice Mottet raised their children to Corinne Jouanny.

But a generation earlier, the father of Desiree and Elie Tresy named Benjamin Tresy was married to Zelie Bapicot. She came from the Bapicot family. This house is located in front of our house and dates from about the same period. The nieces Bapicot and Mottet were next to neighbors, girlfriends and also nieces. You can still find old portraits of Eve Bapicot in the hall in the hall. Both houses are located in Quatrier de L’Eglise. Now the House Bapicot is a holiday home for people from Paris, but is still known under the name Maison Bapicot.

The Family Mottet family tree is still under investigation and will appear on the website over time. Slowly we find the old stories of the aunts and their parents and grandparents. Through old letters that we found in the cupboards. How and what follows ………