Family Rooms

On the second floor there are 3 bedrooms. But because of the layout we only rent this out per reservation. It is possible to book a double room with double bed or a double rooms with 2 single beds. And as an addition an extra room with 3 single beds. There is one bathroom on this floor that is shared. But as we only rent this per reservation you will never share the bathroom with strangers, only your own company.

Chambre Jaune

This bedroom is the room you enter the second floor. It has twee single beds ( 90×200 and 140×200.) So this is ideal when you travel together and dont want to share a bed. Or when you are 3.The view is on the back garden and the Church. There is a bathroom with badtube, shower , toilets and double bassins.

Chambre Valentine

The hallway connects to  Chambre Valentine. This is a double room with a double bed (160×200). Next to this room with “connecting doors” you will find our  Chambre d’Enfants, our childernsroom.

Chambre d’Enfants

A noce cosy but with enough space childsroom with 3 antique beds all renovated with new matrasses. It gives room to 3 extra persons of childs. The beds are not very large but extremly comfy. The beds are  180/185 cm long and  110/100 cm wide.

This whole floor is also to be booked as groupaccomodation. You will then all share the one bathroom. There will be a total of max 7 beds for a max of 9 persons.

Just let us know what you what and we will find the proper solution for your company.