Les Filles Tresy

How it all started

The family Tree Tresy

Passenans is a small village with a few very old families all connected in one way or another. In our case the base is three different families who all come together as the start of Maison Les Filles Tresy and all you will find in the house and gardens.


Family Tree visualised

Thanks to our cousins Denis and his sister Corinne the part of the Tresy familytree is now been pinned on the walls of the house of my great grandfather where my grandfather and his brothers grew up.

The left part of the tree is Tresy as the right part is of Corinne’s husband Joanny. Completly top left you will find me and my sister.

Fort us it all started with our great grandfather Desiree Tresy who married my greatgrandmother Alice Mottet. They got 3 sons, Marcel, Pierre and Abel and a daughteri Margerite. Marcel, onze grand uncle inherited the house of Mottet which my parents bought from him in the 1970’s. My parents later also bought the house of my greatgrandfather, which is now sold to Corinne. So most of the familyhouses are still in family possession. 

But with the family Tresy and Mottet there is a third family that connects us. Famille Bapicot. This familyhouse is opposite of Maison Les Filles Tresy (the former parental Mottet house). This family was not only neighbours but also family by marriage.

The familytree of the Mottet is also very interesting. Only recent I came into possesion of 10 generations of after my grandparents. How cool it that. More to follow in our blogs. I already found plenty of pictures letters and much more to illustrate our familylife around “fin du siecle”.

Oude postkaart Passenans
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