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Passenans and environs

Passenans is a small old wine village in the Franche Comte region. In the department of Jura with about 350 inhabitants. There is a church, a hotel and a village restaurant.

Our lovely village Passenans

The inhabitants of this house share a rich history, which we are discovering bit by bit. Like an Unlce Mottet, who fought under la Fayette in the American War. We still find things connected with him. Or a cousine who ran away and became a nude model in Paris around the turn of the century 1900's. All the sisters of my great grandmother had their own businesses as non of them ever married. One had a groceryshop, the other made hats. And ofcourse all needed to give a hand in the winyards. This house came to us by marriage into the family Tresy, of my mother. And in the 1970's into our family when my parents bought it of an uncle. The village still has a rich cultural heritage of winemakers. The village in situated between the valley and the first plateau. It has it owns microclimate. The village is part of the Revermont, a chain of winevillages along Arbois till Chateau Chalon. It is connected with a lot of walks to be made like the Grand Traversee Jurasienne just along our house. It is a beautiful place to start your walk. It features woods, grapes and little rivers. The region has a rich history due to wine and saltmining. The local bus stops just under 50 meters from the house in the street.

Les Filles Tresy-Passenas

Enjoy the nature

Endless walking around in the villges, churchers, woods and fiels full of grapes. Enjoying the plendid views with mountains, rivers and waterfalls. Be suprised everytime you bend the corner. The Jura has so much to offer.

Dining and Wining Passenans

The Jura has also a very gastromomic history. There a plenty of small restaurants that will suprise you. For every budget their is a meal! I located three nearby for you. But I can recommand you a few more ofcourse! Both the local restaurants and my personal favorite. Restaurant Le Bistrot de la Mere Simone. this is a two minute walk. You can actually see the restaurant for our garden as it borders with our barn and its garden. Here you can enjoy a simple menu or eat a la carte. The restaurant is located at the local square so you can in summer sit outside on the terrace. Restaurant le Domaine Du Revermont This is the restaurant of our local hotel. it is situated at the other side ot the village at a max 10 minute walk. It will give you a nice way to orientate yourself and see what Passanans has to offer. By ending just between the vineyards and the forest. To enjoy a lunch or diner a la carte or as a 3 cours menu. Restaurant Le Grand Jardin In Baume les Messieurs at about 15 km you will find Le Grand Jardin, located near one of the oldest monastaries. It is a beautiful village to walk around and visit. As it is situated at the end of the valley. They offer differents menus in different price ranges and ofcourse a la carte. Their desserts are highly recommanded

How it all started.

You are here to relax and I will do my best to help you achieve this. The house is at your service. Your room is ready for your arrival. The local rural life is translated with good food, nice wines and special cheeses. We have a veggiegarden and a few fruittrees. But there is more to discover staying at Maison Les Filles Tresy....

If you love casual enjoyment, this place is a 10 for you! Pros · The manner of hospitality, that was fantastic! Just come home and forbidden to be difficult!
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